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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

How to register to our site?

Just as simple as having a blink. You can click on the login button on the website header. From there, you will have three different options on how to register to our website. First one being "Sign up with Facebook", this can only be possible if you have a Facebook account. Second one being "Sign up with Google", this can only be possible if you have a google account, and the last but not the least is "Sign up with Email"; for those who wishes to sign up using their email.

How to place an order from your account?

You can place an order only if you have finished the registration process(Signing up). After selecting the products you wish to purchase, just click on add to cart/buy now then checkout to fill the shipping information then click on place order button. From there you are all set.

How's ordering online done to international suppliers?

We have a variety of suppliers based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates whom we partnered with since day one. It means when a customer tells us whatever they want, we automatically contact our suppliers to check the availability of the stock, after confirmation of stock's availability. We make sure they understand the product specifications well so that there shall not be any mistake in giving a different product. This process can take up to 2 hours maximum including double checking.

How's packaging done internationally?

After completion of selection of product, all is brought to our Dubai-Deira stock where packaging takes place. Items that weigh less than or equal to 32 kilograms are taken to the airport, else they are taken to other partnered cargo companies which transports heavy items by sea. Sea shipment takes up to 1 month while transport by air takes a maximum of 2 days.

How's delivery done?

Insuring that products have reached our office in Kigali at MIC Building door B-30; all products lighter than 5kgs are delivered on a 2.5$ cost only when the customer resides in Kigali, otherwise even if the product can be lighter than 5kgs or heavier, the customer will be subjected to paying delivery fee to deliver to their doorsteps accordingly.

How's payment done?

Normally most customers prefer paying in cash at our office, but we encourage them to start making orders online for they can pay using many different methods. They can use mobile money, bank transfers, credit and debit cards are accepted etc...

Is there a minimum order?

Customers can make any order locally and internationally irrespective of the price or weight. Therefore, everyone is welcomed to make any order of their choice. We are happy to serve you at our best.

Do you give discount for large orders?

Sure, for customers who need a huge number of pieces per item, we provide a discount which can range from 1-10%, This depends on the type of the item the customer is interested in. If we do our evaluation and come to a conclusion that a discount can be provided, then the customer will have that chance.

Can I change or cancel my order before it has been packed?

Usually, after the order is confirmed; payment arrangements are done. If the customer cancels provided that the items has no defaults, then they will be charged automatically 20% and 80% will be transfer to their account not later than 3 business days.

How can I track my order?

Every customers can contact us on the following customer Care Lines: 

(+250) 791 500 848, 

(+250) 791 763 359, 

(+250) 791 691 831,

(+250) 790 416 882, or can email us via

Our customer service team is thrilled to receive your inquiries and help you.

What is the delivery charge?

Delivery charge applies to everyone, if a customer resides in Kigali then they will be subjected to paying a 2.5$ fee. If the customer is out of Kigali, therefore they will be charge according to their respective location and how much weight will be delivered to the same location.

Can I collect my order from you?

Yes, some customers prefer to come to the store, and it is free of charge to collect your own package. But you have to wait for the message that your item is out for delivery notification.

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